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American-Eurasian Chamber of Commerce (AECC)

To strengthen business relations with the NIS, in 1995 the American-Russian Chamber of Commerce & Industry created the American-Eurasian Chamber of Commerce. The AECC focuses on the development of business and investment in the former Soviet republics. Membership in the ARCCI includes membership in the AECC.

American-Russian Business Institute (ARBI)

ARBI is a charitable organization created to develop, enhance and facilitate economic relations and cultural exchanges between the U.S. and the NIS. Its objectives are focused on organization and promotion of educational programs and exchanges relative to conducting business with and within the NIS of the former Soviet Union and sponsorship of music, art and library cooperative programs and exhibits. In addition, ARBI educates business people interested in Russian trade opportunities by co-sponsoring conferences, seminars and other events.

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American-Russian/NIS Trade and Investment Center (ARTIC)

The ARTIC was established to assist organizations and companies interested in investment and business opportunities in the Russian/NIS market.

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