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The American-Russian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ARCCI) announces its 12th Anniversary celebration. Gala Reception in New York featuring the winners of the ARCCI Golden Galaxy Awards will be held on Tuesday, December 14, 2004 at 6:30 pm at the Consulate General of the Russian Federation, 9 East 91st Street, New York, NY 10128. ADMISSION BY INVITATION ONLY.

The event is targeted to senior executives of the U.S. companies interested in U.S.-Russian trade & investment, government officials, and leaders of professional/trade associations.

In conjunction with the 12th Anniversary celebration, the ARCCI will host a delegation from Russia led by the Governors of Nizhny Novgorod, Khabarovsk (to be confirmed) and of the Jewish Autonomous regions.

The ARCCI Board of Directors has instituted the Golden Galaxy Awards to facilitate U.S.-Russian trade and investment and promote US and Russian enterprises demonstrating outstanding performance in quality manufacturing, management, implementation of advanced technologies, efficient use of natural resources and sustainable development.

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Russian Delegation Participants List
(As of November 22, 2004)

Niznhy Novgorod Region
Gennady Maximovich Khodyrev, Governor of Nizhny Novgorod
Gleb Albertovich Vershinin, Assistant to the Governor of Nizhny Novgorod
This wealthy and culturally diverse region has a strong energy base, with companies developing chemical, petrochemical, and fuel capabilities. Niznhy Novgorod's economy also supports many industrial sectors such as construction material and glass manufacturing, wood-pulp and paper production, food processing, medical and pharmaceutical research, and textile, as well as a thriving tourist trade centered on exquisite folk and decorative art. Nizhny Novgorod is Europe's largest manufacturer of solid wheels for railway cars, locomotives and underground trains, and is globally renowned for its natural sciences and technology research centers, including nuclear physics and radio electronics, power engineering, and biomedical technologies. This region is a major transportation hub, with an international airport, major railway cargo terminals, and numerous large river ports.

The Republic of Mordovia

Sergei Mikhailovich Vdovin, Minister of Economy, Deputy Chairman of the Government
The Republic of Mordovia is located in the center of European part of Russia in the Volga basin at the cross point of the most important routes from the Center to the Ural region, Siberia, the Volga region, Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Large deposits of phosphorites, mineral dyes, brown iron ore (limonite); diatomite - for manufacturing of oil/gas refining and heat insulation materials; and other minerals used for production of cement and other construction materials. Mordovia has well developed industry and agriculture. Leading enterprises manufacture petrochemical and construction machinery, electronics, lighting fixtures, industrial rubber products, and pharmaceuticals. Agribusiness sector specializes in grain (wheat, rye, millet, buckwheat), potatoes, sugar beets, vegetables and cattle breeding.

Jewish Autonomous Oblast

Nikolay Mikhaylovich Volkov, Governor of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast
Located in the southern part of the Russian Far East bordering China, this oblast is rich in natural resources, with a strongly developed mining economy featuring vast deposits of gold, tin, iron, and graphite; as well as a diverse manufacturing base including numerous agricultural equipment, timber/lumber, furniture, and textile manufacturing factories. The Trans-Siberian railroad runs through the heart of this territory providing supplementary transportation infrastructure along the Amur River.

Participating Companies:

OJSC Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association (KNAAPO) named after Yuri A. Gagarin: one of the largest aircraft production enterprises in Russia. Specializes in manufacturing of Su-27, Su-33 carrier fighter, Su-30 MK multipurpose two-seat fighter, and Su-80 multifunctional aircraft for local and regional airlines and Be-103 light amphibian. KNAAPO is the winner of the Trade Leaders Club Prize; New Millennium Award for Technology and Quality; Paris International Quality Award; Madrid International Commercial Prestige Award.
Eng Victor Ivanovich Merkulov:
General Director.

Saratov Aviation Plant: a leading manufacturer of aircrafts and aircraft parts in Russia, the enterprise also performs repairs and provides technical servicing, manufactures special equipment, and modernizes aircrafts. Saratov Aviation Plant has business partners in Europe and the USA. Alexander Victorovich Ermishin, Doctor of Economics, General Director of the Saratov Aviation Plant.

Scientific Research Institute Atoll: (Moscow Region, Town of Dubna) Atoll is the leading Russian enterprise developing and manufacturing positional (stationary and autonomous) advanced oceanographic hydro acoustic systems.
Oleg Glebovich Uspensky, General Director. Mr. Uspensky is a member of the International Academy of Applied Economics, the recipient of numerous awards, and currently serves as counselor to the head of the town of Dubna on scientific and technical policy. Demkin Vladislav Petrovich, Director of Research and Science, FGUP Scientific Research Institute Atoll.

Experimental Engineering Bureau Fakel: (City of Kaliningrad). In 1992, to develop, manufacture, test and sell engines for satellites on the Western market, Fakel co-founded the INTERNATIONAL SPACE TECHNOLOGY, INC. FAKEL has designed three generations of space electro jet plasma engines, including the latest models used in the satellites Galls and Express. Currently, Fakel cooperates with a variety of foreign companies on space engineering research and development. In addition to space technology, Fakel manufactures medical equipment and household appliances.
Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Murashko, Director and Chief Design Engineer of Experimental Engineering Bureau Fakel. Mr. Murashko began his career at Fakel as an engineer and a doctoral candidate of technical sciences. He is the recipient of many awards and titles, including the State Award of the Russian Federation in Science and Technology in 2001, and is an active member of the K. E. Ciolkovsky Russian Academy of Space.

Neftekamsk Automobile Plant: (Republic of Bashkorstan, City of Neftekamsk) One of the top automobile manufactures in Russia, this dynamic company specializes in commercial vehicles, most notably dump trucks, trailers and semi-trailers, vans, passenger buses and agricultural equipment. With business partners in Germany and Holland, Neftekamsk is looking for opportunities to expand ties with the US.
Raif Salikhovich Malikov, General Director of the Neftekamsk Automobile Plant, Mr. Malikov has received many awards from the Government of the Republic of Bashkorstan.

Industrial Design Enterprise Respirator: Russia's leading manufacturer of respiratory and inhalation equipment for defense and civilian purposes ranging from firefighting and security to construction, biomedical and diving applications.
The firm has over 200 highly qualified designers, production engineers, researchers and programmers. The enterprise is divided into several sectors, including a design bureau, a laboratory testing facility, and a department of technical services and repair.
Alexander Alexandrovich Bryzgalin, General Director. (Orekhovo Zuevo).

Tsvetlit Company: (City of Chelyabinsk) A leading manufacturer of bronze and brass parts for production and repair of metal cutting, metallurgical, cargo lifting, press and other industrial equipment and transportation machinery including trains, automobiles and ships. One of the main suppliers of the Ministry of Railroads of Russia, Tsvetlit has over 700 other Russian and foreign clients.
Vladimir Ivanovich Dmitriev, Director of the Tsvetlit Company; Doctoral Candidate of Technical Sciences.

Domodedovo Plant of Reinforced Concrete Manufacturing: (Moscow Region, City of Domodedovo) Domodedovo produces prefabricated reinforced concrete construction sections. The enterprise has numerous business partners in Europe and is looking for opportunities to expand cooperation with the US.
Yuri Kuzmich Volkodaev, General director of Domodedovo Plant of Reinforced Concrete Manufacturing. A two-time recipient of The Medal of the Russian Exhibition of Achievements in National Economy (VDNH,) Mr. Volkodaev was also honored with the title "Builder of the Moscow Region" and awarded an Honorable Certificate of Merit by the State Construction Authority of Russia.

RAVSAK Company: (Moscow) repairs, rebuilds and modernizes metal production and fabrication equipment.
Arefyeva Tatyana Nikolaevna, Head of Commercial Department RAVSAK Moscow.

Kris Company: (Samara region, City of Togliatti) This company manufactures automobile parts, such as hydraulic compensating equipment and smog control systems, and is a major supplier of scrap metal and bar stock. Kris Co. has partners in Sweden, Germany and England.
Alexander Ivanovich Kedalo, President of Kris Company

Company TorgKhol: (City of Ryazan) TorgKhol manufactures refrigeration, store fixtures and display equipment, as well as designer equipment by special order. TorgKhol designs, manufactures, supplies, installs, tests and provides warranty and post warranty services, working with their partners in Europe and across Russia.
Ekhtiram Rza Ogly Seidov, Director of Company TorgKhol.

ABP Corporation: (Stavropol Region) ABP Corp. represents the interests of several diverse enterprises. A leading economic developer of the Kavminvody (Caucasus mineral waters area) and the Stavropol regions, ABP's main businesses are agriculture, manufacturing, and food processing service. ABP produces construction and agricultural equipment and materials.
Boris Pavlovich Aitov, Director of Corporation ABP. Participant in charity projects.

Milana Food Company: (Moscow Region, town of Zheleznodorozhny) Russia's leading manufacturer of pre-cooked foods, Milana has international partners and is interested in expanding ties with the US.
Valentina Ivanovna Malygina, General Director of Milana Food Co., Recipient of "Honorable Worker of the Moscow Region".

CJSC Mosstroy 31: (Moscow) Construction Company. MOSTROY-31 CJSC is founded by the Construction administrative board No. 31 of the trust Mosstroy-17of Glavmosstroy (Principle Moscow Construction firms). For more than 50 years the administrative board of Mosstroy-31 has acted as a general contractor; building residential, commercial, medical and cultural facilities, ranging from hotel Ukraina, to the experimental district Severnoye Chertanovo and a horse riding center Bitsa.

Kostroma Oblast Regional Tariffs Office: (Kostroma) Podkopaeva Nataliya Romanovna, Head of the Office.

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